Invest everyday in the interior aquatic middle, with glide, stone cliffs, liquid trip rock walls, idle canals, and much more

Invest everyday in the interior aquatic middle, with glide, stone cliffs, liquid trip rock walls, idle canals, and much more

The Provo relaxing Center produces a state-of-the-art recreation feel for Provo citizens with dozens of amenities for the children, adults, seniors, and groups. Or arrive kick, lift, and grooving your path to a workout at the fitness mezzanine while the kids use the 4 basketball process of law under. There is something for everyone to savor while from the Provo sporting heart. Recreation Heart Rule of Conduct

COMPETITORS SHARE SEVERAL HOURS Monday-Saturday 5AM-10PM* All opposition share consumers (community lap swimmers, swim teams, marine sessions, other user groups) is expected to generally share lanes during large maximum instances . *Typical large top instances Monday – tuesday, 6AM-1PM, 4-6:30PM DAY-TO-DAY LAP WAY TIMETABLE

– Reserve their place in physical fitness courses – Reserve a spot in kid observe – hold a football or racquetball court – hold a-game space table

Facilities 10 swimming pool, indoor strolling track, cardio/weight avenues, child observe, baseball process of law, racquetball courts, football courts, skate park and many more! Considerably >>

Fitness discover over 100 physical fitness sessions per week available. Free for fun middle account, or spend the day-to-day entrance. Most >>

Child enjoy Drop your child off for two hours even though you swim laps and take a workout course. Most >>


It is not an exhaustive list. Marine workforce will remove any toy or accessory they deem risky caused by proportions or need. Just see a staff representative for facts.


Limited machines is obtainable to rent for racquetball, playing tennis, Pickleball, billiards, and table tennis. Gear fee of $1-$2 charged for racquetball, football, and Pickleball racquets, plus wallyball gear. Game Room devices and Pickleballs, racquetballs, basketballs, volleyballs, and wallyballs tend to be free of charge and call for a type of ID as equity. You’re additionally welcome to bring your products. Wallyball gear are $2 and requires 24-hour notice to be used. Locking devices are not given during the locker area, however they are available to buy for $5.

There are two main courts available for customers to work with Monday – Saturday. Sex and childhood baseball and volleyball leagues utilize two process of law on Tuesday – Thursday from 6:00 – PM and another courtroom on Monday & tuesday from 6:00 – PM. Upon achievement of league use Saturdays, discover four courts designed for use beginning at 3:00PM.

Saturdays from 5:00-6:00PM, drop in volleyball would be arranged for recreational, all-ages play. People include asked to sign up along and take pleasure in a non-scored, informal ambiance.

The remaining of drop in volleyball time is arranged for patrons ages 16+ that can take part in the full volleyball games. Participants should turn in to each team or, if figures determine, teams should turn in on a per-game factor.

When purchasing a membership on the Provo adventures heart, the buyer gets a price reduction when signing up for for a group phase. If it agreement name is certainly not honored through termination, a penalty is obtain.

Memberships paid-in Advance Refunds depends on a set fee every month. The fee every month, increased by the number of period have actually passed away since buy, will likely be subtracted from amount compensated. Month-to-month Refund charge Amounts a€? Youth/Senior $30 a€? Adult/Senior Couple $40 a€? person few $50

Subscriptions on monthly installments find of termination need to be was given at least one month ahead of the cost due date, or that installment shall be charged. A cancellation cost will likely be charged to terminate the monthly payment deal. The termination cost must be settled before membership will likely be terminated.

From freeway, make Provo heart Street escape 265 heading western. Last western till the light at Center Street and 500 western. Turn kept and head north up until the light at 500 North. Become appropriate. Proceed for just two blocks, the structure is on the left (north) region of the road.

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