R2: “In my opinion the girl is more conscious of so what can takes place when you have unprotected sex

R2: “In my opinion the girl is more conscious of so what can takes place when you have unprotected sex

Girls’ obligation. Initial, the entire standard for all communities appeared to be one to blocking pregnancy should be the common obligations out of both kid and the girl. Although not, later on on talks, it turned obvious that women understand on their own much more required than simply people in the getting obligation for avoiding a maternity:

Responsibility according to types of rela-tionship. For the majority organizations, girls seemed to agree that the responsibility to own contraceptives from inside the behavior depends on whether you’re into the a steady relationship otherwise if it is a good “one-night-stand”: “Oral contraceptives and you will implants can be used whenever you are when you look at the a good stabile relationships, because then you certainly don’t have to love venereal infection and you may stuff” (G: 1). According to several teams, is lady need obligation for contraceptives, particularly on periodic sex: “You cannot rely on anybody you might not even comprehend so you’re able to simply take obligations getting perhaps not causing you to pregnant” (G: 2).

Minimal knowledge about abortion and you can contraceptives

All the teams talked about health risks inside the link with legal abortion. Multiple was basically unsure from exactly how high the risks really are, but spoken concerns for the possibility of are sterile. One to category indicated an unclear image of courtroom abortion and had more viewpoints about what an visit their website enthusiastic abortion function:

R3: “Well, I read that you can get a product – in case it is but a few months … and this, I have to state, don’t sound so bad … ”

R1: “Select, no-one has an idea very, everything do, exactly what an enthusiastic abortion most mode … ” (G: 3)

Concurrently, a number of female believed that that they had an obvious photo regarding how an enthusiastic abortion is completed: “Once you recognize how it’s complete the way they cut off the fresh arms and legs and you can bring the actual brain … it is sickening, it’s intense!” (G: 5).

Concern about top-effects from hormones contra-ceptives. A common worry are one to hormonal contraceptives trigger bad top-outcomes and you can harm to the human body, particularly through the adolescence. Dictate regarding unreliable advice supplies from contraceptives is actually named a considerable and perplexing state:

R3: “But still, the majority of people say that you eat noticeably more, increase chest, and all types of content…you gain weight, get swift changes in moods … ”

R4: “I do believe people are scared of taking the tablet now when we have witnessed so much about news regarding the thrombus and you will posts.”

R1: “There are so many mythology and you may stories boating you can’t keep track of precisely what the dangers really are.” (G: 2)

Discouraging sexual degree at school. News and you may family relations, plus teens centers and parents, was basically stated once the delivering young adults which have degree away from sex and you will sexuality. None of the teams viewed the institution because a central origin of information. On the other hand, the organizations found the intimate knowledge in school become disappointing: “The college you can expect to do a hundred% most readily useful!” (G: 5), “Teenagers aren’t getting facts about contraceptives in school” (G: 5), “You have made so much information every where more, it is merely throughout the university that they’re sometime irresponsible” (G: 6). Of several think this might, about partially, explain the more and more abortions among toddlers.

Every groups shown highest standards into the sexual degree that schools should provide. Several female reported that new universities continue to have the best reliability when compared with almost every other sourced elements of information about intimate matters.


Focus group interview were utilized to get qualitative research to the thinking and you can studies regarding teenage maternity, abortion, intimate choices, and you can birth control activities. The findings light the participants’ viewpoints and you can questions in these matters. We feel your participation speed is positively impacted by starting the fresh interview on the university property with the university times. This may has actually permitted students exactly who probably lack turned up if not to participate. The dependability of the information is considered to be ensured from the having more youthful, women moderators having a non-authoritarian strategy creating the fresh interview.

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